Poetry & Prose Poems


Never Fully (Winter 2021-22 issue)


Canary - A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis

The Official State Flower of West Virginia (Issue Number 55, Winter 2021-22)


Novus Literary Arts Journal (commemorative print edition)

Words for Simple Things


Unbroken Journal

Vigil: Women’s Bathroom in the Heart Wing of the Hospital

Letter to My Friend Stuck at the Top of a Ferris Wheel


Feral: A Journal of Poetry and Art

Elegy for Trees (Nominated, Best of the Net, 2021)

Let's Talk About the Weather

Poetica Review

Sometimes Our Only Song is Weeping


Anti-Heroin Chic

Sally, Dick, and Jane: A Pre-Primer

Sally, Dick, and Jane, and Dad

Jane, Mom, and Me In Between

Everything Breaks that Isn't Plastic

Mom Egg Review

When My Child Tells Me He is Her

Wish in an Empty Nest

Looking Outside


Longleaf Review

The Best Water in the World

Moist Poetry Journal




On Location


Miracle Monocle

Standard Consent Form

What Wasn't There


The Opiate

The Window in Room 2008 (Spring 2021, Vol. 25, Pg. 48)


The Rail | Derailleur Press


PB Daily

Borscht at Veselka on Second Avenue


Dream Pop Journal


As Directed


Yes Poetry

Praise the Cadaver

The Plan

Barren Magazine (Shortlisted, 2019 Barren Press Poetry Contest)

Space Travel & Animals 

Pithead Chapel


Okay Donkey
Wound Study

Queen Mob's Teahouse

While He is Healing | It Would Be Best To


In Breath


Juke Joint Magazine
Final Shopping Spree | America's Mall
Call Back | Dance Clubs

Go | Circa '85


Tiny Flames Press



Moonstone 25th Annual Poetry Ink Anthology

"Praise the Cadaver"


FROM THE ASHES, an international anthology
of womxn's poetry, Animal Heart Press

"Her Rise | Wish"
"Wound Study"
"Space Travel & Animals"